Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce in India: How-to Guide on Conditions, Procedure and Laws in India

Contested divorce happens when one spouse alleges the other of one of the few parameters ascertained by law and it is proven. As per law, one can’t get a divorce unless the other party is proven to be at fault, and own conduct is spotless. A bill is currently doing the rounds in parliament which notes the impracticability of the same. The grounds on which divorce can be contested are:

  • Cruelty: It includes physical or mental torture inflicted by the spouse.
  • Adultery: Being faithful is important, and physical relations outside the wedding on part of one spouse can be a ground for divorce, if proven.
  • Desertion: Abandoning spouse without having a reasonable cause or excuse.
  • Religious Conversions
  • Mental Illness

How much time does a contested divorce case take

In depends in which section of Hindu Marriage Act 1955 you wish to file divorce application. If it is filed by you under Section 13 in that event it is long drawn proceeding. But if you file the Mutual Divorce Suit under Section 13B by both you and your husband it will be decided after six month from the date of filing of mutual divorce suit under Section 13B.

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FAQ on Contested Divorce

How long does it take to get a copy of a judgement for a disposed divorce case in India?

It can take 7 to 10 days after the signing of the Hon’ble Judge.¬†As per law, the maximum period is 15 days. You can file a certified application form with relevant details such as case title, case number etc.