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DivorceLawyersIndia.com is one of the most deemed and highly respected divorce/family law firm in Bangalore, India with a network of seasoned family law advocates, mediation experts, and advisors.

We believe Marriage is a sacrosanct union, and hence, our first approach is to counsel the party on the implications of divorce and its procedure. We strive hard to dissuade the parties and settle the disputes without seeking court help through mediation. If all else fail and the marriage has come to an end without any possibility of reconciliation, then we advise the best possible options available to safeguard and protect our Client interests.

Simplified process towards a faster divorce proceedings

We understand the sensitive nature of divorce and family law issues and providing a genuine help in the matter related to mutual consent and contested divorce proceedings, child custody/visitation rights, maintenance/alimony, financial and other settlements.

Our team of experienced divorce and family lawyers helps with the end-to-end process of the divorce case from filing the case and mediation to final settlement. We are committed to retaining your right for sustenance and enable you to lead a dignified and respectful life.

Practical advice on complex family law issues

We offer the most practical and sound advice to our clients, navigate them through the entire process and help them to protect their rights. Our divorce lawyers are specialized in handling complex legal issues that involve different jurisdictions, IT laws, evidence collection, drafting winning financial settlements, and cyber investigation.