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Rajesh Kumar is an advocate, mediator, and a human rights lawyer specialising on criminal law, family law, property law, human rights, technology/cyber security, and ADRs. He is on a mission to ensure 'Equal Access to Justice' irrespective of gender/race/caste/religion/economic status.

If you belong to a BPL (below poverty line) group, you can submit income certificate and avail free legal consultation.

Relationship is sacrosanct ...

Divorce is NOT the solution when other alternatives not explored …

Divorce is a messy affair that destroys everything that it interferes with — including a child’s dream. We believe in exploring different approaches to amicably settle the relationship disputes. However, you are entitled to be aware of ins and outs of legal proceedings. Mistake, no matter how small, can take away your legal rights.

Ignorance is not an excuse. First step is to educate, empower, and equip YOU with tons of information on law, procedures and ways to safeguard yourself.

Through our initial phone consultation, we guide you the entire process from start to the finish so you can think for yourself with clarity and balanced view on choosing your options.

How to get Started!

When you are contacting via WhatsApp, briefly state the problem you are facing and the remedies sought. WhatsApp us on 91-9901114603 to make an appointment for a quick phone consultation.

Phone Consultation: Rs.1500* only. (Rs.3000). You can make the payment using or Google Pay.

What You will Get:

We will listen to your concerns, and help you with detailed information about the law, divorce types, divorce grounds, expected legal challenges, divorce process, timeframe, costs, mediation / alternate dispute resolution methods, etc. 

* Income certificate from BPL group is a must to avail free consultation.