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Get sound advice on child custody issues, visitation, maintenance, and child support for financial and educational needs.


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We help you with the best financial assessment, settlement, and negotiation for maintenance payments, sharing assets, etc.


Cybercrime Investigation

Our expert cybercrime investigators will discreetly conduct research and collect evidence for your complicated, high-networth divorce cases.


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Getting right advice at right time is crucial for getting sufficient payments to meet financial needs of the child.


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We provide skilful services for NRI and Foreign matrimonial dispute resolution


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We have helpful and passionate lawyers specialising in complex high net worth divorce, contested divorce, child custody, and annulments. We’re here to help!.

Ready to speak with a family law advocate in Chennai? Start your case now. You can contact us online or WhatsApp to find out the procedure for divorce and how to apply for divorce online. For limited, eligible persons from marginalised section, we offer free legal services and consultation for divorce. During your initial consultation, we can help you understand your legal options.

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    Our expertise is in Family law matters such as mutual / contested divorce, marriage annulment, custody of the child, adoption, maintenance for wife and children, maintenance in pending divorce case, alimony, transfer of divorce petition, Section-498a – IPC – dowry case, foreign divorce decree, judicial separation, appeals against divorce decrees & orders, anti-suit injunction in foreign divorce proceeding, and work on any divorce matters.

  • Our passionate and helpful family lawyers provide pre and post legal help for divorce proceedings in Chennai. Our divorce lawyers are experts in the field of matrimonial issues, child custody, adoption, and maintenance law. We provide compassionate divorce law services for all religions. Our other services are: Restitution of conjugal rights, Judicial Separation, Annulment & Divorce, Child Custody.

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    DivorceLawyersIndia.com has a panel of passionate, understanding and expert family & divorce lawyers specialising in mutual/contested divorce, child custody, domestic violence, annulments, financial settlement agreements, and maintenance/alimony. We also work on substantial and complex divorce cases involving electronic/digital evidence, marital assets, and financial/property disputes.

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    Fighting a legal battle, whether it’s child custody or contested divorce, in a court of law is not that simple. It can be lengthy and time-consuming and energy draining. It can quickly become messy too. That’s why you need someone, not just with experience but patience and compassion, to be on your side. A family lawyer who follows non-confrontational approach to family problems. When things gets out of hand, a lawyer who is sympathetic enough to put strong defence for you.

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    We represent individuals in all aspects of Family Law such as Domestic & International Divorce, Mutual Consent, Financial Issues, Spousal Maintenance, Lump Sum Orders, Transfer of Properties, Domestic Violence, Civil Partnership Dissolution, Prenuptial Agreements, Separation, Co-habitation Agreements Children Matters, Court Proceedings and Domestic Abuse.

Mutual Consent Divorce - Consult With Divorce Lawyer

If you want to apply for divorce, contact our experienced family lawyers in Chennai. Get Chat/Phone Support. We'll help you with divorce procedure for mutual consent and contested divorce. Get right advice from an experienced lawyer before filing a divorce case.

Providing you with 360-degree angle to the issues and viable solutions remains our top priority. We will explore different options; negotiate with opposing party; draft iron-clad financial settlement agreements; and leave no stone unturned in discovering cyber/digital evidence to strengthen your case with our 20+ years of experience in cybercrime/technology crime investigation.

Mere thought of divorce and legal separation can overwhelm a person. That’s why, we have made a simple process for all mutual consent divorce applications. Now, in 4 easy steps, you can file an application and receive a final divorce decree with no more tedious paperworks.

When spouses have reached the end of their marital relationship and decide to part ways amicably and peacefully without any issues, then Mutual Consent Divorce comes to the rescue. Even complex financial and custody matters such as child custody, visitation rights, joint assets settlement, alimony/maintenance are settled without any complications.

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Divorce: What You Need To Know

Going through divorce process involve life-changing decisions. Resist the impulse and think through the decisions clearly.

It's important to consider potential consequences. Leave the past where it should be. Focus on the future. Approach the process to achieve the best possible result for your family. Set realistic goals and reasonable expectations that are consistent with the law. Consult with a lawyer to get a better understanding of the potential outcome(s) in your case.

Best Divorce Lawyers - We have an experienced legal team to provide legal solutions in Special marriage Act, Succession Act, Dowry prohibition Act, Domestic Violence, etc.

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Talk to a family lawyer! If you’r seeking or contemplating a divorce, or if your spouse has issued divorce proceedings against you, talk to us for practical and comprehensive guidance.

Chennai Contested Divorce: Procedure of contested divorce as per Hindu Marriage Act.

When you and your spouse does not agree to end the marriage amicably, then one of you can go to court and fight for the rights. That is, a contested divorce.

According to Hindu Marriage Act, a divorce suit can be instituted only based on valid grounds prescribed under the statute. Specific grounds for divorce include: desertion, cruelty, adultery, mental disorder, communicable disease, presumption of death, etc.

You can initiate a contested divorce by filing a petition to the court with relevant documents and proofs. Once admitted, the court will issue a notice to the other spouse. Trial begins. You'll need a passionate lawyer, by your side, fighting for your rights and presenting compelling arguments on your behalf.

NRI Divorce Procedure: What Courts Have Held on Foreign Judgements.

In Ruchi Majoo vs Sanjeev Majoo (2011) 6 SCC 479, the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India held that the judgment by a foreign court should only be taken as input for its final adjudication. In this case, the Apex Court allowed the trial court in India to hear the mother's application for custody of the child.

Chennai Divorce Lawyers for Contested/Mutual Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody & Support

Specialist divorce lawyers in Chennai – deal with divorces, simple or complex, international divorces involving Indian nationals resident abroad (“expats" “NRIs") where one partner lives in India.

Do not trouble yourself with questions like ‘How do I get a divorce in India’, ‘How much the fee for divorce in Chennai’, ‘What will be the court fees in divorce case in Chennai’, Should I choose mutual divorce or contested divorce’, ‘Will I need to pay the alimony permanently, or a one-time lump sum’, ‘What will be the duration of a divorce case’, and so on, then stop worrying. You can get the best divorce advice in Chennai, India through Online, Phone, Chat and Direct advice..

We provide free legal advice and help in drafting affidavit of assets and liabilities as part of DV case.

Chennai Divorce: How Much It cost? And How Long Does It Take?

Most frequent question that a divorce lawyer encounters almost every day. Although, it is difficult to assess and estimate all of the fees that you will incur in a contested divorce proceeding at the time of filing the suit, it is relatively simpler to estimate fees for a mutual consent divorce. Average fees can range from 50K – 75K.

Unlike mutual consent divorce, contested divorce takes several hearings, sometimes, extending to more than five years. Hence, lawyers tend to charge an initial filing fee with expenses and clerical charges. Thereafter, fees will be paid at each stage. In addition, there will be a nominal fee for the appearance at each hearing called hearing fees.

Maintenance, Alimony & Other Comlex Financial Settlement Issues in Divorce Proceedings

Maintenance Order is an order that requires the financially stronger spouse to make monthly payments to the financially weaker spouse and in some instances for the children.

Lump sum order is when one spouse is ordered to pay to the other spouse a specific sum.

Property adjustment order is where property is transferred to one spouse from the other.

Pension orders is where a pension is either split in two (not necessarily in equal shares) for the benefit of the other spouse or where one persons pension is directed to be paid to the other.